Dru West's Guide to Growing Giant Plants featured in HIGH TIMES Magazine

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Make sure you grab a copy of the August 2015 edition of HIGH TIMES magazine to read Dru West's feature story titled Growing Big in Oregon. Dru's guide to growing giant plants covers the recent greenhouse experiment that produced some of the largest plants ever seen grown in pots, and reveals tips and techniques on how you can produce monster greenhouse yields using the techniques outlined in the second edition of The Secrets of the West Coast Masters - Uncover the Ultimate Techniques for Growing Medical Marijuana Credits to Dabmaster Jay for the incredible photography featured in the magazine. HIGH TIMES Magazine August...

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Listen to Dru West's Seminar from the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup

Episode 80 of Free Weed was recorded live at the HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Danny and Mike are joined on stage by K from Trichome Technologies, Aaron from DNA, MzJill (TGA Seeds), Phillip Hague (Mindful), Dru West (West Coast Masters) and Addison Demoura (Steep Hill). Listen here: Free Weed: Episode 80

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