Affiliates of West Coast Masters

Across International

Across International

Founded and based in New Jersey, United States, Across International supplies laboratory equipment, in the areas of heat treatment and material processing for universities, research facilities and labs. Across International have more than 20 years of industrial manufacturing experience with induction heaters, drying ovens, ball mills, lab furnaces and pellet presses.

Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now Magazine is a national print/digital publication covering relevant topics within the Cannabis industry and beyond. is one of the leading marijuana-news websites and the No. 1 source for everything you want to know about celebrities and drugs.


Dabwiser is the manufacturer behind the “Oracle”, the world's most advanced Titanium Oil Vaporizer, recently named High Times Magazine Hot Product of 2015. Dabwiser was founded by Dru West, CEO of the West Coast Masters.

All Dabwiser products are made from Commercial Grade 2 Pure Titanium (99.2% or higher), and are manufactured at a world-class facility in Oregon, USA. We are also the makers of Dabwiser Glass, and brokers of all sorts of heady West Coast functional glass art.

Freedom Leaf

Freedom Leaf, The Marijuana Legalization Company™ is a multi-media, "movement marketing” business. They cover the latest news, art, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and the cannabis industry in their print magazine, through social media and on their website.

Oregon’s Finest

Oregon’s finest OMMP dispensary. Oregon’s Finest process ensures that everything is done to the highest quality from start to finish. From the moment a strain is selected to the moment you light up.

PMO - Pack Me One

Celebrating Creativity Through Cannabis. A collective of artists within the cannabis community who find creativity through cannabis.  

Serenity Medibles

All edibles available to CannaCopia Collective patients are created by a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef using certified food safety practices for preparing and serving food. The variety of foods available to CannaCopia Collective patients is continuously changing based upon patient requests and new recipes that the chef wants to try.

Subzero Scientific

Designers and manufacturers of the lowest-temperature closed-loop BHO / Essential Oil / Terpinoid extractors.

Patent-Pending technology specially designed to ensure the most efficient and high-quality essential oils from botanical sources

The Kitchen by UptownGrowLab

The Kitchen combines an adventure story that chronicles the path of two urban growers with a high-level grow guide that promises to inform and educate new and experienced growers alike. Readers will also enjoy leafing through the gorgeous full-page photos of 20 different and loved marijuana varietals grown in the garden of the authors.

Also included are step-by-step tutorials on how to roll joints and blunts, how to harvest and manicure your marijuana plants, and the best products on the market for cultivating the perfect bud. Bound in hardcover, almost 12″ x 12″, 224 pages, The Kitchen makes the perfect coffee table book, conversation piece starter or gift for a marijuana lover in your life.

Vape Oregon

Vape OR LLC, Vape Oregon (Oregon's Favorite Vaporizer) is a locally owned business, with the highest quality vaporizers on the market. Vape Oregon products offer the safest and most comfortable way to vaporize concentrates, waxes and dry herbs, with the latest technology and new and innovative designs.