Dru West - Author of The Secrets of the West Coast Masters

 “Love your plants, and they will love you back” – Dru West

Since emerging onto the scene with the release of The Secrets of the West Coast Masters on 4/20/2011, author Dru West has quickly established himself as one of the world’s leading authorities on Cannabis cultivation.

A master grower, Dru has revolutionized the industry by uncovering never-before-published techniques that deliver unbelievable yields while staying within the parameters of state medical marijuana legislation. Drawing on almost 20 years of experience growing in hydroponics, aeroponics, coco and soil, Dru has developed many of the techniques the top growers in the industry use today.

As a result, Dru is frequently asked to contribute articles published in the iconic HIGH TIMES magazine, and is a sought after cultivation seminar panelist and judge for HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups held on the US West Coast. Dru is also the host of West Coast Masters Radio, a Cannabis-related show he produces from his hometown of Bend, Oregon.

Demand for Dru’s grow expertise has extended into consulting for large-scale indoor and outdoor grow facilities and start-ups, with a focus on yield maximization, skills training, labor delegation, procedural structure and maintenance in order to provide the finest and most consistent medicine possible.

Finally, while writing the new Introduction to Concentrates chapter for this second edition, Dru was inspired to revolutionize the emerging concentrates/dabbing market as well, designing and manufacturing the world’s most advanced titanium oil vaporizer, the Dabwiser Oracle, which HIGH TIMES magazine featured as a Hot Product in their February 2015 edition.